Individual membership benefits

1. Subscription to Evaluation, the International Journal of Theory, Research, and Practice.
2. The biennial EES conferences (reduced membership rate, priority to receive advanced information about forthcoming conferences).
3. Professional development events organised or co-organised by EES, including residential schools and other events: reduced rates for participation, advanced information about the events that respond to membership interest and sometimes priority for participation.
4. Access to the EES website with information about coming events, various resources, employment opportunities, information about the society, links to other evaluation organisations in Europe and beyond, the latest advances in the various aspects of evaluation, and access to related information and resources.
5. Electronic newsletters sent exclusively to members regarding forthcoming events, information of special interest, and the latest updates posted on the website.
6. Ability to participate in the only European association of evaluators, with opportunities to influence the direction and the activities of EES (e.g. through participation in various workgroups).
7. Access to a directory of members.
8. Being part of the European community of people with a common interest in evaluation.
9. Greater awareness of what is going on in evaluation across Europe.
10. Opportunities for networking and sharing information with colleagues across Europe with similar interests.

Institutional membership benefits:

1. All of the above, that can benefit the entire institution.
2. Five subscriptions to Evaluation, the International Journal of Theory, Research, and Practice.
3. Reduced rates for the biennial EES conference.
4. Reduced rates for professional development events.
5. Access as an organisation to the latest practices and thinking about evaluation in Europe.
6. Opportunity to post information on the EES website, e.g. regarding contracts and job offers, other events and resources.
7. Being seen and recognised as a leader in evaluation in Europe – you will be identified and recognised as an institutional member of EES.
8. Potential to contribute to the development of evaluation culture across Europe.
9. Potential of joint activities with EES.
10. Other potential benefits can be discussed (e.g. links on the EES website to your own organisation and/or resources).


For more information, please visit:

Conference Secretariat: C-IN, 5. kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4, CZE | tel.: +420 261 174 301 | fax: +420 261 174 307
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